A Feminist Liberation Perspective

by Ivoni Richter Reimer
translated by Linda M. Maloney. Published by Fortess Press,
Minneapolis 1995 and reproduced here with the usual permissions

(With thanks to Sister Anne Lee NDS for transliterations of Hebrew quotations)


Introduction by Luise Schottroff and Preface

Passages to Be Investigated 

Chapter 1. Sapphira: A Woman’s Story for Mourning, or:
The Deadly Guilt of the Co-Conspirator (5:1-11) 

Preliminary Observations
Interpretation of the Text
The Deadly Power of Sin’s Reign of Terror. Confronting the Traditional Interpretations
Summary. A Look Ahead

Chapter 2. The Miraculous Story of the Disciple Tabitha (9:36-43)

Preliminary Observations
Interpretation of the Text
The Miraculous Power in Relationships, or: Confronting the Traditional Interpretations
Summary Reflection

Chapter 3. Lydia and Her House (16:13-15, 40) 

The Women Who Were Gathered
Reconstructing the Story of Lydia
Challenges to a Feminist Interpretation of Lydia
Summary and Outlook

Chapter 4. The Prophetic Slave in Philippi (16:16-18) 

Religious Gifts, Economic Exploitation, and Dependency
Religious Exorcism and Economic Damage to Property
An Opportunity for Liberation. Summary Prospects

Chapter 5. The Missionary Artisan Priscilla and the Universal Praise
That Is Her Due (18:1-3, 18-19, 24-28) 

Introductory Observations
Text-Critical Problems in Acts 18:1-28
Interpretation of the Text
Feminist Exegetical Initiatives in Confrontation with the Dominant Exegesis. Retrospect and Summary

Chapter 6. Women Mentioned Briefly, or Not at All  

A Remembrance of Unnamed Women
Women Mentioned Briefly and By Name
Summary and Retrospect